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Welcome to the EU-MED ICT website. This website acts as a single entry point to the current EU FP7-ICT activities in the Mediterranean region. It provides information about the projects that support dialogues between the European Commission and Mediterranean partner countries, with the objective of providing European and Mediterranean organisations interested in the development of R&D cooperation projects in the ICT area with relevant information and useful links.

This website is a joint initiative of the three EU–MED ICT projects (MED-Dialogue, MOSAIC, ClusMED) supported by the European Commission within the context of the EU and the Mediterranean Partner Countries Cooperation in R&D&I in the field of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

It provides European and Mediterranean researchers and organizations with information about:

  • Strategic EU–MED events where researchers and organizations can share common ideas of cooperation at different levels (political, regulatory, scientific).
  • Stakeholders interested to actively participate to the reinforcement of EU - MED cooperation in the fields of the ICT.