MED-Dialogue: Successful Networking event in Tunisia, 17-19 May 2016

The main aim of this Networking Events was to bring researchers and developers from the MPC and Europe together in order to create new partnership for subsequent proposals of the Horizon 2020 ICT-related calls. 
We had a large number of attendees from Europe and the South Med region and intensively discussed 40 proposal ideas for the upcoming calls in ICT. 

ClusMED Multi Stakeholder Workshops Reports

The ClusMED Multi Stakeholder Workshops Reports presents the organization details and the summary of key recommendations and conclusions after the two-years analysis and benchmark within MED and EU models. They also provide inputs and follow-up on common regulation priorities, opportunities and challenges. 
Please check in the Public Downloads within code D4.4.6 ClusMED Multi Stakeholder Workshops.
Country Reference: Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia

ClusMED:Comparative report considering Regulation at a regional level and with EU model

ClusMED project addresses the reinforcement of ICT regulations and ICTs for tackling Societal Challenges links in Europe and Mediterranean countries. This document takes into consideration the analysis previously done in the project in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon about the Societal Challenges regulation in these countries, and compares them with the EU model. This comparison is also based in a methodology previously defined in Deliverable 3.3.2.